Sunday, September 17

Switching blogs...

Sorry for my absence in the blogging world...I have been thinking of creating a new blog that is only about my travels to Hamburg. My new blog, starting today, is Hamburg Bound, so please click on the title to go to my new blog. I should be updating it, hopefully, daily with all my thoughts and my experiences here in Hamburg.


Saturday, September 9

I took this picture when we were walking around the neighborhood last night. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and wind. It was great although starting next week, I am going to attempt to start fitting into the culture by starting to speak English is turning heads and last night, the waiter spoke only English to me when I slipped and asked for a liter of water...oops.

Today we are heading to the northern part of Germany for a wedding. It is my first German wedding and I am curious to see the culture differences, if any. One thing I learned is that it is ok to wear black to weddings. Is that strange to anyone? In the midwest, I don't think I have ever saw anyone wear black to a wedding. Well, I have to do it today, since I only bought 1 dress and it happens to be black. We looked yesterday for a dress without success, so black it is.


Thursday, September 7

Herzlich Willkommen

Well, I made it. I flew to Hamburg on Wednesday and arrived yesterday. My flight, although long, was comfortable and very safe. Thank you BA. I arrived in London and while waiting for my connecting flight to Hamburg, I met a German couple, who were on their way back from a vacation trip to Chicago. We started chatting, part English and part German, and I kind of took it as part of my intro to Germany. It eased my mind a bit about being open and comfortable with my german language skills.

I arrived in Hamburg and flin was waiting there to pick me up. IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE HIM! Oh, I missed him so much. As we drove back to his place, I kept looking out the window to see Germany again. I love the feel here--it is completely different than the US.

After dropping off my stuff, we went grocery shopping for all my favorite german foods. We bought apple water (Apfelwasser), small bread (Brötchen), butter (Butter), meat spread (Teewurst), chocolate (Schokolade), and lots of other stuff. I am really excited for breakfast.

Now, I have jetlag--it is 5 AM right now and I have been awake since 3 AM--but I am really excited about this new adventure that I have just begin. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 4

Hamburg Bound


Thanks for all the support for the DAT! I did well, I improved in every category--I was so happy, I think I was bouncing and singing all day! But I am really glad to be done with studying (at least for awhile).

Next adventure: Hamburg, Germany!!!

Tomorrow I am leaving for Hamburg and words can not describe how excited I am to be seeing Flin after 3 and a half months. I hoping for a smooth flight and ease into Germany weather ( has thrown my temperture gauge off). Wish me luck and my next posting will have my new blog website....called "Hamburg Bound"!

Monday, August 28


Countdown: roughly 11 hours

I am taking the dental admission test tomorrow your thumbs/cross your fingers for me...I am hoping to do well.

I am planning on responding to everyone's emails that I have not been checking for the past week due to the massive cramming for the DAT. I am looking forward to joining the real world again.

I will post again when I am finished.

Sunday, August 20

Goodbye language school!

On Friday, I had a wonderful time at the Alameda Bowl with all my fellow co-workers. It was great to get out and talk one last time before I take off. Thanks everyone for this wonderful, challenging, learning experience...I will never forget my time here!
Keep in touch!

Monday, August 14

Wann wirst du endlich erwachsen?

literally translated:

"when will you become grown up?"

my answer to this question is still to be determined but in nine days, I feel that the answer will be become ever more present because I am leaving Mills to join the real world. I am in the midst of packing up all my stuff and taking care of loose ends as you can see in these three pictures.

When I was packing last night, I found an old blue and white checkered summer dress that I remember wearing 5 years ago, when I was still in MN, to a friend's confirmation. I remember, at this moment I was so excited to be graduating from high school and also, that this dress was brand new, which made me feel so pretty.

Now, I look at this dress and I see two things. I see how far I have come in (1) my taste in clothing and more importantly, (2) my growth here at Mills. I guess, last night, I realized in this dress and with packing up all of my things that I am going into a new phase just like I did 4 years ago, and while I don't know what I will be doing in the next four years, I know that I will look back and think of how much I have grown. What I do know is that my adventures in HH and elsewhere will be an important part in answering the question of when I become grown up.

After several hours of packing, I took this picture in my realization that I am heading to Hamburg in 2.5 weeks :) So excited!